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Non-Invasive Care
About Us
Here at sound shore massage we specialize in; Preventative Care, & non-invasive alternative therapy for pain management. Very different from a regular massage & more beneficial!
Sound Shore Massage was created to help make Medical Massage available as well as 
affordable to those in need of pain Management treatment & care. greatly beneficial with
regular treatments, Ideal for those looking to make good health a priority in their lives.
this care is in no means intended for customers looking for an occasional  Spa Massage

                                                      Most Insurances Accepted !!!

 Who should receive medical / therapeutic massage? 
Those receiving *physical therapy / After an *Accident or Injuries / Have ever *Broken a Bone / Post *Surgery / Along with *Rehabilitation Care / or from Repetitive strain injury.
There is no time constraint on healing after an injury it can be anywhere from 1 month to 20 years.
 You will see an improvement in range of motion and decrease in pain.

Medical Massage                                                                                   30 minutes
Is a focused treatment directed to relieving pain from a condition that has been diagnosed by 
a physician. For optimal results you should have this therapy done (1) or (2) times a week.

Therapeutic Massage                                                                                      60 minutes     
This is for a condition that has not been diagnosed by a physician, not been found on an X-Ray or MRI scan.
Generally caused by repetitive strain injuries brought on by over use and incorrect posture.
For optimal results you should have this therapy done (2) or (3) times a month.

No Fault Claims (PIP) Accepted                                                               no cost
We accept No Fault claims which are covered by your insurance company for 100% of your treatment.
Email us for more information.


Benefits of Medical/Therapeutic Massage

        *Decrease Muscle Spasms 

          *Increases Immune System

         *Improves Digestive Function

       *Speeds up Healing & Recovery 

            *Increases Oxygenation 

          *Reduces Stiffness & Pain

       *Increases Tissue Regeneration 

       *​Increase Athletic Performance 


            Discount on all sessions to:
                       *TEA & TLPOA